• Expansion of Clubs.  The Milwaukee Juneau Base Ball Club has joined The Milwaukee Cream Citys Base Ball Club and both are considered charter members of The National Vintage League.
  • Expansion of Clubs in Wisconsin. The National Vintage League will be presenting to Wisconsin Vintage Clubs in February 2015 in order sign the Wisconsin Clubs to the NVL.
  • Expansion of Clubs Nationally.
  • Building Awareness.  Our matches are promoted as unique special events,  specifically our 11th Year Classic, Richfield Historical Society Base Ball Festival,  Kenosha Civil War Museum Educational Seminar and Match,  Round Robin Challenges,  11th Annual 1860’s Base Ball Festival,  Rufus King High School Varsity Challenge, Mukwonago Midnight Magic Match in December.
  • Community Outreach to Children, Families and those with Special Needs.  We anticipate forming partnerships with more schools and charity organizations in order reach out to children for the family experience and furthering our Community Outreach to seniors and those with special needs and the disadvantaged.  These partnerships include Forest Ridge Senior Center, Carthage College Family Fun Night, Friends of Lake Park, Shorewood Mens and Philanthropy Club, to name a few.
  • National Recognition. The National Vintage League and our umbrella base ball clubs are nationally recognized for pioneering the vintage base ball experience.
  • Develop Interactive Game Experience.  Keeping children, families and all those in attendance engaged as tally keepers, bell ringers, scoreboard keepers, mascots and a variety of other activities that keep the fun going all day long.